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If you're looking to raise the bar on your at-home workouts, literally, it's time to add a pullup bar to your stockpile of home gym equipment. Why, you ask? What are the benefits of pullups, exactly? Doing pullups will also help a ton with your posture," she says.

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Plus, if you can do a pullup, that opens doors to all kinds of other fun physical activities like monkey bars, rope climbing, rock climbing, and more. At this point, perhaps you're wondering what to look for in a pullup bar. A few things. For starters, there are a four main types of pullup bars:.

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Okay, now that you're basically an expert when it comes to all things pullup bars, it's time for some home-gym shopping inspo. And BTW, it'll help if you think about where you plan to put the bar, how much you weigh, and how high you need it to be when making your pick. Once that's settled, keep reading for the 10 best pullup bars to buy inbased on intel from Gargano and consumer ratings. Are you a beginner?

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If so, no worries. All pullup experts have to start somewhere. It fits in doorways anywhere from 24 to 32 inches wide, and its max weight is about pounds. Reviewer Rave: "Assembly was easy.

Hanging from a pull-up bar for a few minutes each day will fix your shoulders

If I remember correctly, it took me less than 30 minutes. It has handled my weight lbs well and has not started to bend or sag. It's you're looking for a pullup bar that's super basic in a good way!

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It fits right in your doorway without leaving any marks or scratches, and the simple-yet-trustworthy de allows for you to take it on and off as you please without worrying about falling during your workout. Reviewer Rave: "I've used this for a month now a few times each week and it holds super firmly.

Put it in a standard door frame and it's definitely in there.

1. iron age door pull-up bar

Doesn't damage the frame from what I can tell but I'm not putting it in and taking it out, it just stays up there. This tower station is a favorite of expert-trainers and workout enthusiasts alike. It holds up to pounds, and with additional assets like a dip bar, back pad, and varying grip angles, you're definitely getting the most bang for your buck.

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Reviewer Rave: "Love it! Way better than my door hanging bar. Plus, there are other exercises I do in it! Want to add a bar to your hallway sitch? This super sturdy has an adjustable length, requires no screws, and it supports around pounds of weight. A bonus? It comes with a bag of extra accessories like rope, gloves, handles, and more. Reviewer Rave: "Yeah, I don't write reviews but Some reviewers mentioned that it slips but the manufacturers added locks now so it doesn't.

The hangers bolt into a doorway and the bar easily twists into them. It's solid as hell and no way this is going anywhere. The new locks keep it firm with no slipping at all.

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The entire family is doing pullups now. Just buy it. So yeah, get this scratch-free, weight-bearing pullup bar on your hands for a great upper body workout. I like that the top bar is higher than other pullup bars so my tall sons can do pullups without scrunching up their legs. Would buy again.

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If you're looking for a pullup bar that can bear lots of weight and take your rep counts without moving around, this hardcore doorway trainer is perf for you. It can hold up to pounds and it's suitable for tall and short people alike.

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Plus, it comes totally assembly-free, and you don't need any screws to secure it in your doorway. Reviewer Rave: "Simple install and works as advertised. My kids and I use this often and so does my husband's forehead.

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He's 6'4" and is often reminded of its presence at night. So, not only are everyone's arms getting a great workout, but our diaphragms are as well from all the laughter after we hear the inevitable 'bang' and string of angry phrases boom from my husband's mouth. In spite of this, we husband included love this thing. Know that you'll be making pullups a regular part of your routine?

2. feierdun doorway pull-up and chin up bar

Then this wall-mounted bar will be ideal for your workout sitch. It's strong enough that you can attach weights and accessories when you want.

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And yep, you can work on your form via varying grips, too. Reviewer Rave: "This one has several different angles to help work different parts of your back, as well as two points to hang other items. I love the pullup bar and it is solidly built. I added some TRX bands on one hook and a punching back on the other. I am getting a small workout area in my garage and it is perfect what I need. It's totally understandable if you'd rather attach your pullup bar into your ceiling than potentially leave marks in another area of your house.

Plus, you get total range of motion with this ceiling-hanging option, as well as four different grip positions for all the upper body pullup training you need. Reviewer Rave: "Honestly, it is as sturdy as you could ever hope to get. It is very reassuring to grab the grips and feel how solid the bar is. No power is lost on wobbles, bends, shakes, etc. Far better than a cheap tower or a door frame mounted bar where half your mental and physical energy may be spent trying to prevent equipment failure.

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Young, amazon. When it comes to wall-mounted pullup stations, this one is pretty much the most versatile out there. With a bunch of different padded grip points, suspension anchors, and the ability to bear over pounds of weight, you know you're getting a deal out of this at-home pullup option. Reviewer Rave: "So I bought this to try and better my activity for morning workouts.

Most of my workouts don't require lifting but I have a new program that requires pull-ups and upon installing this I knew I was going to have to get new anchors. I bought some from my local department store.

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They went in fine and it is definitely sturdy. Sometimes it's not a wall, doorframe, ceiling, or tower pullup bar option that you need, but rather, one that is secured with a beam or joist. This one not only has a pound weight limit, but also five different grip positions, padded steel tubes, and super easy installation.

R eviewer Rave: "I bought this beam-mounted bar for doing pull-ups. I had my sons put it together and attach it to the steel beam in my basement. It is superbly well-made, rock solid! I have no fears using it. Great product! The open part of the bar is great for looping assist bands as well. Weight Loss.

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