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I last reviewed this club 18 months ago. My girl and I are still regulars here We used to only go to this club on weeknights, primarily because my girl was It seems, that has changed They've really gotten their act together when it comes to the outside bouncers That's part of the reason we'd only come in during the weekdays prior, since the bouncers aren't on patrol on the weekdays.

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Nowadays, and much to our surprise, we found the weekend bouncer crew to be a lot more professional, with the main guy being a clean-shaven and professional looking gentleman. This is important when you go to the club with a girl, since nothing is more of a buzz-kill than a rude and unprofessional bouncer at the door talking to you and your lady in a degrading manner.


Luckily, this issue has been solved at Daydreams lately, it seems. Inside the club on th. I hadn't been here in over a year, and quite a bit has changed. Most importantly, there are no longer girl-on-girl sex shows on the main stage. Also, several of the smaller stages have been removed, and the two side stages were not used, on this night, anyway.

There were about 25 or 30 girls working last Saturday night, and all of them looked good.

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There was nothing skanky about any of them. Some were curvier than others, but every appealing body type was represented.

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I particularly like girls with piercings and tattoos, and there were quite a few of those. There was one Asian girl and maybe three black girls dancing that night.

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All got naked and did spread legs floor work. The lighting in the club is good, and everyone could get close enough to see.

Still, I always preferred the side stages to the main stage, because the view was even closer and the side stages are at eye when the customer is standing. There were about 10 male-female couples in the audience and a couple of female-female couples. All the female customers were having fun, tipping the dancers between the tits and enjoying the spread leg poses.

The female half of one of the couples asked each dancer coming by for tips to turn her back, spread her legs, and bend over.

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Every dancer enthusiastically complied with this girl's fetish-y request, and a couple of the dancers w I went back here for my second trip on a recent Saturday night. My first visit hadn't been anything special, but I was in the neighborhood, so I thought I'd give it another try. The only real downside: It was unexpectedly smoky in there. Even though they have a No Smoking out front which was part of what compelled me to go inLOTS of patrons were smoking, which meant that my clothes needed a good cleaning and it was a cold night, so I had a jacket too. That was my least favorite part of the night.

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There were lots of girls working: most of them I'd put in the range with a couple higher and a couple lower. At the bar there were two poles working at once for pretty much the whole night, and after girls finished on the poles, they'd walk around the bar for dollars--but friendly, not too aggressive.

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First: "Do you want to tip me for my dance? The "turn around" was generally another dollar, but a polite "No thank you" was a perfectly acceptable answer. I didn't get one eye roll for it all night. Plus one.

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I couldn't entirely figure out the layout of the place. It's huge and the main room is entirely open, though there are a few smaller areas with couches arranged for w Daydreams is located in an industrial complex and is a converted warehouse with high ceilings. Plenty of parking out front. Pay the cover and your good to go.

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Experience counts in the LD room, most of the younger ones have the same routine like they were all trained the same way, the experienced one will spice up and are better. VIP rooms are basically wooden boxes in the back with a peep hole in the door and a camera inside but are reasonable priced. The whole place needs to be updated, they have some much room they could work with, cover the concrete floors and build some proper rooms.

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The couches the LD room need to be replaced, most sink in like they had a lb dude sitting on them for 20 years. They pipe in different and terrible music in the LD room and takes away from the fun. Before anyone gets their tightie whities in a bunch, this is not a "Stripperweb advertisement".

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I am only at this club sporadically throughout the year, so it really doesn't benefit me in any way to advertise for them. My usual stomping grounds was closed for the holiday so I asked if I could work a shift since I am on good terms with Daydreams management. I showed up around 10pm to a sparse crowd.

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I was used to the usual 3 girl rotation on stage where we switched places after each set like a nude game of musical chairs. Although the crowd was sparse, tip rounds were not bad.

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They also gather up discarded pieces of clothing and "cooter balls" by placing them in plastic baskets near the stage entrance. I've always been grateful for the level of cleanliness and thoughtfulness this club displays. Songs are 4 minutes long and measured by a timer that the dancer presses when she is ready to begin. Reasonable 2 way contac Toggle lustnames.

now. Strip clubs U. Pennsylvania Philadelphia Daydreams.

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Daydreams 5 reviews Add review. Club type: Nude Dancers.

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Dancers Etnicity : Mixed. Comments and reviews Atmosphere:.

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