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Want to meet up with a friend, but can't decide on a place that's fair?

Let's meet in the middle

Rather than opening a maps application and trying to find a halfway point, there are websites built just for this sort of situation. WhatsHalfway gives you the middle location between two spots. Just two cities and you'll see the halfway point with the travel time and distance for you and your friend. You also get a handy map that you can click to zoom in on that middle point or view the entire route between the two cities. When you cities, you can pick a venue type such as accommodations, food and drink, or shopping. Want to meet up with more people?

Meet in the middle!

You can add other cities or zip codes and see the middle point for all. And you can choose venues for that type of trip too. WhatsHalfway is easy to use and a terrific option.

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MeetWays offers similar features to WhatsHalfway but with a couple of extras you might enjoy. Start by entering your two cities or zip codes and optionally pop in a point of interest. Before hitting the Go! The map shows the route between the two locations and you can zoom in or out.

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If you pick one, you can get further details which are powered by Yelp. The MeetWays site makes finding that happy medium a breeze.

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TravelMath is a site that helps you plan your trips, whether driving or flying. But they also offer a handy way to find your middle point. When you land on the site, use the dropdown box and choose Halfway Pointthen just two cities and hit Go. Once you see the city in the middle, you can click to find hotels nearby if you like. Otherwise, scroll to the bottom and get full details on the location like the closest major city or zip code.

TravelMath offers a convenient map and links for things to do, places to stop, accommodations, and more for your trip.

5 best apps for finding your perfect meeting match

This site is worth visiting for finding a place to meet in the middle. The Distance Between Cities website gives you exactly that, the distance between two cities and plenty of information about the route. In addition, they offer a section for Halfway Point. You can see the closest city or town to the halfway point along with the major city nearest the middle and major cities along the routes.

Also, be sure to check out the gas consumption and emissions details, nearby hotels, and even rental cars. One more website to visit for that halfway point is Trippy. This site is great for finding places to meet in that middle city.

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On the maintype your question in the box. For example, you can enter "halfway point between [city one] and [city two]" and click the ask Trippy!

Use meet me halfway for android to find a meetup spot

When you have friends or family members who live miles and hours away, meeting up can be difficult. But with websites like these, it can be just a bit easier. These sites can help make your trip a great one!

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Let's meet in the middle

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