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Paris Fashion Week is in full flow, and people are watching. Into the melee—and turning he—walks the South Korean fashion deer known as Kaimin.

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What is she wearing? I like extremes. Her heady Serge Lutens perfume speaks volumes. She is playful and sexy, endearingly friendly, and carries the whole Manga biker look incredibly well. She is eager not to dwell on the past off the record there have been stints as a successful stylist, artist and producer of ideas but is happy enough to reflect on her upbringing.

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I think this shaped my aesthetic and fuelled my curiosity. A fortuitous meeting with the lauded video artist Nam June Paik moved her into interesting territory. He pretty much opened my eyes to the possibilities of art.

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Half-and-half is good. Now a fully formed fashion deer based in New York, and just three seasons into a career, the role seems a natural fit. Clothes really are the easiest way to do this, to alter your own perception from within and to completely change the way others perceive you. I also try not to take things too seriously, thus the cheeky name, juxtaposed with the overall serious visuals of the campaign … and obviously, anyone can be my slut—a girl or a boy.

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She is smiling but this moots a valid point. Alongside a handful of other deers, including Palomo Spain, the Kaimin brand is noted for its gender neutrality.

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Beyond the gender spectrum, the Kaimin look is capable of seducing the most binary of individuals. Her clothes are like high-class confectionary—lush European sweeties encased in enticing layers of shiny fabric, just waiting to be unwrapped. She is a true renaissance woman, someone who can glide between mediums, and in that sense her des come with subliminal surprises.

She has styled others at the highest level and seen her own output chosen by taste-makers such as Anna Trevelyan and Nicola Formichetti who have both reinterpreted her vision. I just love unique de and fortunately there are people out there that enjoy my creations.

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Can anyone enter this parallel universe? This is especially true with the new collection, where the de language set by the more radical pieces trickles down to the more casual dresses, blouses, shirts and jackets. Anyone can add a little Kaimin edginess to even the strictest outfit.

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In her own riotous and unique way, here sits a deer who explores maximilism in an increasingly minimal genre. She finishes her wine, slinks out of the bar, and he back to the showroom, still turning he and loving every minute of it.

Later, buyers, press and industry magpies will swoop into her sweet shop of ideas, but not everyone will take the plunge. Radical fashion requires time to filter through and make its indelible mark.

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Kaimin is in no hurry. For those who know and those who dare, this is slow burning style without a hint of desperation. For more visit www. Tall merchants houses standing proud in the sunshine, bathed in a flattering light, huddle together on the banks of its famous canals and all seems well in this picture-perfect world. Cue: Grace Jones leaps off the Eiffel Tower—Bond is in pursuit—parachute deployed; lands safely, and makes a successful escape from the MI6 agent.

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