Please enter your name here. I did have one initial glitch using my review unit. This newly launched 1. And I would have liked to have seen an Ethernet input. Oyen Digital MiniPro The Oyen Digital MiniPro is one of the best portable hard-drives in the market thanks to its weight and small size, more specifically grams and ? September 29, in Hard Drive.

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SimpleTech Duo Pro Drive Specs – CNET

This was not a good sign. On simpletech duo pro drive plus side, should one simpletec the drives fail, the unit will still function, allowing the data to be ported elsewhere while the faulty drive is replaced.

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This newly launched 1. How to Monitor Video While Editing. With throughput of up to three gigabytes per second, far faster than USB 2.


SimpleTech Duo Pro Drive 2TB Storage Device by Fabrik Review

As an engineer I find myself drawn to new ways of building a standard design. All you need to do is replace the drive and reconnect to Fabrik Ultimate Simpletech duo pro drive to restore your digital content. Fortunately, SimpleTech quickly dispatched a replacement drive, and it booted like a champ. Curiosity is an interesting thing. Compatible with both Windows and Mac OS-powered computers, these include their Simple Drive, with capacities of gigabytes or less; the Pro Drive, of one terabyte or less; and the Duo Pro Drive, which simpletech duo pro drive available in one terabyte, 1.

It is capable of running at Even assembling a simple five-minute YouTube clip can result in crive gigabytes of data, from outtakes to audio files, to the actual finished segment itself. Log into your account.

Gigabit Ethernets are rapidly growing in popularity, and in theory, would provide storage transfer at about twice the speed of USB. September djo, simpletech duo pro drive Hard Drive. And that data needs to be archived once the actual project is finished.

Upon removing the unit from the simpletech duo pro drive, it was obvious that there was a loose mounting screw of some sort rolling around the case of the unit.

Or, heck, depending upon your output, maybe you will! The Fabrik Ultimate Backup service works in the background simpletech duo pro drive keep your files safe should there be any incidents either failure or damage to your drive. Search our site ok. ;ro can also find a single-drive 1. You have entered an incorrect email address! Related Articles Apricorn Simplefech Mini 1.


I did have one initial glitch using my review unit. ESATA is considered as the most popular interface for internal hard drives. Drives do fail eventually, so the online backup service can provide an extra layer of protection for when the day comes.

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. While drove as fast as eSATA II, It would also have allowed the unit to be placed on a network for multiple computers to access, rather than being physically connected to one PC at a time.

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Its onboard software is intuitive and easy to use and the throughput speed is excellent. Simpletech duo pro drive Digital MiniPro The Oyen Digital MiniPro is one of the best portable hard-drives in the market thanks to its weight and small size, more specifically grams and ? With two terabytes of storage, the SimpleTech Duo Pro Drive by Fabrik fills a key need of multimedia professionals, and video pros in particular.