If the code is written like this here, makes you wonder what the rest of it is like, don’t it? Do not use 2. My take on this is that, if the test failed the first time, it will probably fail exactly the same way the second time changing the text of the error messages sure ain’t going to help. Or you can add the modules to be loaded now, and then reboot. Rebuilding the system, using KickStart, recovering from hardware failures, etc. Assuming all of that worked, you now need to add the modprobe lines so they are called when the system in next rebooted.

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Get the latest pristine kernel source as I write this onit’s v2. I have found the above plans to work well for me, in my environment over the last several years–your mileage may vary.

If you see something like the capture below, everything is almost working commands you type are in bold. They probably thought strstr works like strcmp or one of those other string compares that return zero oonstream the compare is equal. Contact information is included with the history section at the end.

The Monday backups are “full” backups of the dynamic data, the monthly tapes are complete system backups with excepts for junk. You do updates your system as necessary, don’t you? There are onstrwam different types of backups and thinking about them all gives me a headache.

OnStream DI30 ADR Digital Tape Drive Internal IDE With 30gb Cartridge

Each week, the preceding Friday tape which will sometimes be a Month tape obstream taken to a secure off-site location, while the old off-site tape is brought back. OK, we now have something to backup to. Don’t forget to add TAPE to an export line somewhere in there too.


Does not actually eject the tape on DI tape drives, but may help if the tape will not come out when you manually press the eject button. The most recent version of this document and the following scripts ci-30 be found at: If you need to share and archive large files or to back up a high-capacity hard drive, the DI30 allows you to do either with just one 30GB ADR disk! That came as a surprise to me.

You have almost certainly seen a. Friday1 is used on the Friday of the first week, Friday2 at the end of the second week, and so on.

I like afio a lot. That means if you have a media error, only the data where the error is are lost, instead ondtream the entire archive.

OnStream Di30 ADR Digital Tape Drive 30gb IDE Internal | eBay

If the code is written like this here, makes you wonder what the rest of it is like, don’t it? Finally, a cheaper way to do it is four 4 tapes labeled: However, this requires a good number of tapes, and may take a while to do a full backup. OnceI reboot the tape is erased and I can then back-up as long as I don’t try to erase or select “erase first” in the schedules. It also ei-30 a catalog that is saved on your hard drive, as well as on each cartridge, so you never ddi-30 to swap cartridges to search for a file.


OnStream Di30 ADR Digital Tape Drive 30gb IDE Internal

Tech Support is busy all the time and the main line says they dl-30 no longer taking calls. I’ve removed the code from this document and just linked to it.

Minor corrections and additions. However, you have to understand at least a little about some of the types in order to decide vi-30 ones you need to implement.

As you can probably guess, the rewinding device rewinds the tape after each operation, the non-rewinding device doesn’t. Needless to say, the above barely even scratches the surface of the possible options. Most especially, it’s intended for anyone trying to do both!

Installing an OnStream DI on RedHat Linux

This product is no longer available. In no event shall the author be liable for any damages whatsoever including, without limitation, damages for loss of business profits, business interruption, loss of business information, or any other pecuniary loss arising out of the use of or inability to use this documentation or scripts. Back to Desktop Forum 3 total posts Page 1 of 1.

The ability to restore or recover is the entire point of this exercise, yet there is not all that much I can say about it. Other than that, you should never need to reboot!