Changing tabs was also possible by sliding finger horizontally sweeping tabs. Additionally several months ago when I started my adventure with Windows Mobile and HTC I myself was searching answers to the same questions. But it still isn’t great. HTC Home had by default characteristic digital clock in the upper screen part, then immediately below 3 notification icons about e-mails, text messages and missed calls. The next tab is a new one and takes you to the completely updated calendar. Purchased the HTC One for my wife. In my opinion this mod has finally made Sense 2.

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HTC TouchFLO 3D Ported to Samsung Omnia II, Omnia Pro – Pocketnow

Sign up for our free newsletter. This page was last modified on 13 Marchat Sense 4 also featured a refined visual touchfflo with a more minimalistic feel. Not sure what you mean by standard Android home screen.

The odd thing is, if you search Google Play, there are many 3rd party flip clock touchrlo popular with Samsung-ers and former HTC owners who miss it. I miss the Sense on my Incredible 2!

I love sense 5 but the only thing I miss is the lockscreen ring: On the bottom we saw a slider with icons which was used to navigate between tabs. The Email tab shows your emails as a rather pleasing letter poking out of an envelope and, again, you can flip through them one by one. The new calendar is great.


The Music tab has no changes too. Jtc is famous in the industry for his attention to product detail, using prototypes day in and day out and giving feedback to designers and engineers. Furthermore the name Manila 2. It was fluid and modern.

HTC TouchFLO 3D Manila v2.5 leaks [Video]

As mentioned previously, the Sense 2. TouchFLO 3D probably v 2. Avatars by Sterling Adventures.

The Photos and Video tab is the same as before. The clock above BlinkFeed actually does flip if you watch it closely. Any help would be appreciated.

HTC’s Leo-bound TouchFlo 3D lovingly demonstrated

A mAh cell replaces the weedy mAh battery on the Touch Diamond. Technically That might be true but nevertheless among HTC users and in some of the mobile online services both names were used concurrently. Then a three-dimensional interface used to appear allowing the user to quick dial to favourite contacts, 6 frequently used applications or the multimedia playback.

Under it you can find other shortcuts for previously configured email boxes. Among the software extras is a YouTube app for viewing videos. From the first sight the 3 large HomeScreen shortcut places were conspicuous and there was no Call history bar.


Similarly, there’s no option for changing the default Opera browser.

HTC Interfaces

The next tab is a new one and takes you to the completely updated calendar. A nice thing is that each tab comes with its own set of context keys, but the downside is that those are not customizable to suit hrc needs.

Unfortunately the Programs Tab was removed from Sense 2. A great improvement on the Touch Diamond, the Qwerty keyboard is the icing on a very pleasant cake. Of course, when you eventually hit the underlying Windows Mobile, you’ll meet the same distinctly touch-unfriendly interface. Dave Brinda, one of the core designers mentioned in the post, has a bunch more sketches on his site: CHT Original thread on xda. They also learned that new interface offers much youchflo flexibility in changing and even moving elements of the HomeScreen which resulted in – for instance – new notification bars and hundreds of custom clocks.

It does not connect to the called number, but rings on her phone.