Select the source partition. Inactivity period is 1 minute in each mode. Select the disk to be restored. When set to On default , any event occurring at a hard or floppy drive port will awaken a system which has been powered down. This field allows the user to configure the LPT port. Build MP table 2. Program P6 class write combining 1.

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The password typed now will clear any previously entered password from CMOS memory. Extension memory high byte. 8ktta cloning a disk or restoring the backup, set the required partition size as shown in the following figure. Program daylight saving 2. No page registers update and non Page-Mode operation. Please check JP13 at the position after you finished the system installation. Reserved Reserved Test functionality.

The default is 3. Video shadow is disabled. Make sure the processor is fully inserted into the socket on all sides.


This allows you to select the mode of operation for the hard drive. The default is Non-OS2.

AddOn – EP-8KTA

The default is PCI Slot. The typematic rate and typematic delay will be controlled by the keyboard controller in your system. If test fails, keep beeping the speaker.

Select the path and file name for storing the backup file. DRAM running with lower operation clock. They don’t necessarily represent those of my employer BlackBerry. The AMD Athlon processor is targeted at the performance segment, 88kta as such will have more cache memory and higher clock speeds. While servicing many customers around the globe, we have realized that making the customer happy is our number one priority.

Disables Onboard IDE primary port. Some operating systems require special handling. The mainboard should be used in an ATX 2.

Select the item you need to reconfigure. High integration on mainboard reduces the system costs.


EPOX EP-8KTA Motherboard Mainboard

Activity of the selected IRQ always awakens the system. Initialize floppy controller 2. After saving the values the system is restarted again.

Sound Blaster DMA channel selection. This field allows the user to configure the 1st serial port. Leave this field at Disabled.

EPOX EP-8KTA Manuals

Is there anywhere I can get hold of one of these, and try to replace it myself? The current chassis fan speed in RPMs. Reserved for extension memory low byte. If 8ktq are returning for store credit, there is no restocking fee.