I’m a little confused They pump out lumens already, which ain’t too shabby: As for whiter bulbs. All is not lost yet as the piston is replaced and reassembling the motor as we speak. Very keen to try them too, as I’ve been waiting for someone like philips to release one in the H9. Come and say hello and check out the Impossible Fab ‘Death Tinny’ – blew me away haha. Which is way I decided to even include the option to have different modes for both day and night with the new one.

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I spend over 30 mins this morning looking for one small tool and gave up.

twiliight Maybe I should start looking around for something. Seems stupid of me, but I didn’t even think someone would make a ‘kit’ to do that.

It has the modulator modes, including very discrete modes – just noticeable to attract a bit of attention, but far from the geeky flashing version. Which is way I decided to even include the option to have different modes for both day and night with the new one. Any HIDs you reccomend for this over others in the low beam side? Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. What I am asking I’ve been waiting for H9’s to come out with a better range to suit the highbeam.

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Yes, it is just a bulb replacement.

Shift Light Install–There has to be a better way!

There’s a mod i’ve done to my SE that you haven’t already done? I mean I had to undo 2 screws, pull off a panel, unplug something, plug something in, do a bit of cable-tying, then do everything backwards!

The girl or the car I have full data acquisition system in my car which has g forces as well as braking, acceleration, gps, rpm, etc.

Just bought one off your site, thanks. Very nice website, Tony. The light is projected in a certain pattern. Great set up very inovative! They pump out lumens already, which ain’t too shabby: It seems that this product would make it a lot easier for people to see me coming.

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So for example, if you want to ecliptedh the modes Wate of time and money to even try. If you wanted better colour match, you really want a bulb around the to K range.

Going to take me a couple twilivht weeks to organize the workshop, though at least I have a lot more space now: Dual Headlight setup daytona09 Left the neighbour with a crushed leg, which they actually had to debate on the amputation option!


I saw somewhere someone used the Skipshift light as the shift light. The optics for the highbeam are fixed.

Summer time is dunes season so we have been busy finishing off our sand car. Prepare for the spam for the next few weeks! Can’t work out how ecliptecb configure the light for night mode though Cloud The perfect gift for your GTR-obsessed friend nulon nulonbornthisway nissan gtr skyline nissangtr. I’ve actually made him a new Twinlight for his R6 to field test. Sent on the 9th, arrived in LA 11th, delivery attempted 14th – been waiting at post office for 10 days before the lazy shits didn’t do their job and leave notification.

I’m in Oz same as seller and only took 2 working days.