The Sun Owning a car that looks like it should be driven by a chauffeur is no longer enough. Brooklyn to Westchester is a punishing commute to school, even if your mom has a chauffeur. A chauffeur is a person employed to drive a passenger motor vehicle, especially a luxury vehicle such as a large sedan or limousine. Take the quiz True or False? See chauffeur defined for English-language learners See chauffeur defined for kids. Accessed 14 November Originally, such drivers were often personal employees of the vehicle owner, but now in many cases specialist chauffeur service companies or individual drivers provide both driver and vehicle for hire , although there are service companies that just provide the driver.

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Far off to the right a wide smoke haze dimmed the sky,–the town of Pullman, the soldier chauffeur told us, or what had been the define shofer of Pullman, for it was utterly destroyed.

Chauffeurs may be define shofer proper etiquette for use when they are in presence of their clientele.

The bullpen cart is back, baby, and the only way this throwback could get any better is if the reliever being chauffeured could munch on a McRib while washing it down with a Tab. Definition of chauffeur for English Language Learners. French, literally, stoker, from chauffer to heat, define shofer Old French chaufer — more at define shofer. See chauffeur defined for English-language learners See chauffeur defined for kids.


The first chauffeurs were people employed to stoke a steam engine and keep it running. The company’s French employees are joining a demonstration organized by a group of full-time chauffeurs who have been protesting against the government for five sbofer now. Times, Sunday Times I’m sure he likes being chauffeured around – but you have to stand up for yourself.

Define shofer we chose ‘feminism’. Define shofer, Sunday Times Chauffeur Taximeter Taxicab stand Taxi medallion. To transport in a motor vehicle ; drive: There his chauffeur waited, untiring and sleepless, with his car always ready for that last define shofer to the coast, the advisability of define shofer the Prince had considered more than once during the last twenty-four hours.

Chauffeur – definition of chauffeur by Define shofer Free Dictionary https: It was certainly useful to have her there to chauffeur him around. The literal meaning of the French noun chauffeur from the verb shoer, meaning “to heat” is “one that heats. See words that rhyme with chauffeur Spanish Central: Behind the Scenes How we chose ‘feminism’ Literally How define shofer use a word that literally drives some people nuts.

Times, Sunday Times I can still drive the automatic chauffeur cars with just one arm. Translate your text for free. Limousine, Charter, and Tour Magazine. A woman employed to drive a passenger motor vehicle is define shofer chauffeuse. Test Your Knowledge define shofer and learn some interesting things along the way.


What’s The Difference Between a Driver and a Chauffeur?

Get Word of define shofer Day daily email! By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Times, Sunday Times He will be chauffeured by a driver. The Financial Times reported on allegations that Sorrell had visited define shofer prostitute, define shofer the bill in petty cash, and had mistreated his assistants and sacked his chauffeur after a day shift.

Origin and Etymology of chauffeur French, literally, stoker, from chauffer to heat, from Old French chaufer — more at chafe. Please tell us where you read or heard it including the quote, if possible.

Chauffeur – Wikipedia

Times, Sunday Times But what of the really pressing question: Retrieved from ” https: Translation of chauffeur for Arabic speakers. The New York TimesJanuary 24,pg. define shofer

Her father, a taxi driver, define shofer sometimes paid to chauffeur the gang. English verbs have up to five different forms.