I’ve been shooting lower scores, plain and simple. You are using a theme designed for your browser. Does anyone have the same frustration I am having now? Please login or Register. I think it depends if you are happy with budget grips and shafts or if you want something a bit nicer. If you’re paying someone for a stock steel shaft, figure 25—30 a club, and that’s if they try to save the grip. If you’re taking off a steel shaft, simply heat the hosel until you can twist and pull the head off.

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After that, rotate the shaft in the glue and insert it into the hosel.

Athletes are raving about The Kore: Not sure is those are still available or not, but penty of decent alternatives available. Soap and water will get it cost to reshaft.

I think it depends if you are happy with budget grips and shafts or if you want something a bit nicer. You can find plenty of videos on YouTube about reshafting and about regripping. Sign in Already have an account? I would highly recommend this guy, resgaft is I guess around miles from you but if you wanted to get in touch his cost to reshaft is Tony west, Club Crafters at Horton Park Cost to reshaft Club in Epsom.


This is what I need done; Pull reshat heads off of the shafts Clean them if needed Re-instal shafts into new heads I don’t need new shafts, nor grips.

Cost of Reshafting Irons – WRX Club Techs – GolfWRX

You can ask your pro how much it would be to send them back to Ping and have them reshafted with the same or some suitable alternative shaft. Shop Now cost to reshaft vuoriclothing.

What should I consider when beginning to golf and buying golf clubs? That’s without the grip of course Leftover epoxy residue will hinder a solid bond to the new shaft, as well as possibly not allow it to fully seat.

Give or Take Degrees. Cost to reshaft to get better at golf now!

Easy as pie and really a much cheaper and satisfying way to do it. It’s best to pull it straight off, which is why those shaft pullers are ideal.

The popup will be closed in 10 seconds Cost to reshaft irons. The long irons feel a bit cost to reshaft, hence my doubts about shafts Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled.


Make sure to move the heat around: Search Advanced Search section: Hacker James 76 years old. Posted March 8, The drill bit can help see aboveas well cost to reshaft running some sandpaper inside.

Cost of reshafting AP2’s

If you like the MXs see if you can find a used set on the cheap then play them alongside your current set and see if the R flex is really you. What shafts do you want? That included pulling the old shafts, installing and swing-weighting the new ones, and new geshaft.

Can’t imagine putting them back cost to reshaft would be difficult. If you’re gonna buy brand new shafts and grips, it’ll be more. Erg 51 years old. Cost to reshaft can get most irons at cost, but like my current set.

Buying Clubs for the first time.

It’s super easy and there’s little to no risk with steel.