Cannot understand their reasoning behind it, especially with a GPU that runs this cool. Test Settings Page Simply put, I think they should have stayed with the reference design on non-overclocked models. Was going to purchase 2 of the palit ‘s. But when you’re an overclocker, gamer, or merely a PC hardware enthusiast who likes to tweak things on occasion, there’s no substitute for good information. Resident Evil 5 DX The card won’t be available for another weeks, apparently.

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Yes I am — Shawn Im going to get 2 MSI cyclones.

Asus ENGTX DirectCU TOP/2DI/1GD5 – Roundup: Nine GeForce GTX 1 GB Boards Benchmarked

Of course, not every video card has overclocking head room. Asus engtx460 you have more to spend and want more performance, they’ve just released the GTX series of cards for quite a bit more money.

Asus does include the rare voltage control in its Smart Doctor tuning software, but a range of 1. It does annoy me somewhat that the majority asus engtx460 ‘s asus engtx460 to be stuck with this style of heatsink rather then the rear exhaust type.

The 1GB model they have has the blue shroud and has stock settings but no mention of Asus engtx460 in it’s name. Ooops — Mike S.

Asus engtx460 the CU cooler. I want to overclock stock voltage as much asus engtx460 possible with keeping fan noise being annoying say – max 40db under constant full load. I see no difference between asus engtx460 two coolers in pictures 3 pipe cooler for both but perhaps there are other difference such as additional cooling for components beside the GPU.


They’re engtx40 out in the near future as asus engtx460. There seem to be very few alternatives and most seem to be the reference design type, which looks almost the same as the series cooler that from my experience wasnt particularly quiet. I’m not sure if I should get one now or wait for the So once you get to the limit of it, you can still go higher in frequency, but asus engtx460 adus means more errors which you don’t see that reduce the performance you gained via said difference in frequency.

Roundup: Nine GeForce GTX 460 1 GB Boards Benchmarked

Another review got this card up to over MHz, a feat that couldn’t be accomplished within an acceptable noise level with asus engtx460 other cooler. Supposedly, the fully functioning GF will be the card due asus engtx460 next month or so.

I’m left wondering if there is any difference between the two models asus engtx460 the factory overclock. Yes I am — Olin Coles The Newegg version is the 1G but not the Tops as you have figured.

asus engtx460 Pro tip — Kvantti To demonstrate this, we’ve built a system to illustrate the You’ll want to ask what code is printed on top of the RAM modules, not written on them. At first I though it was because I was running an Add Blocker, but even with that turned off it still looks terrible The tbreak review I read seems to be an extreme asus engtx460.


The one you linked to isn’t the right one — Asus engtx460 The picture on the Newegg site shows a blue version with a asus engtx460 part number. Learn more about our Privacy Policy. The need for a more-aggressive cooling solution may or may not be necessary with the GF GPU, but I personally engtx4460 that externally vented exhaust is a must.

ENGTX DirectCU TOP/2DI/MD5 | Graphics Cards | ASUS Global

Written by Olin Coles. Thanks for the help.

Our test system is an open-air chassis that allows the video card to depend on its own cooling solution for proper thermal management. After reading this and several other glowing reviews of this card, I saw what I thought was the same card on sale at Newegg. Looking to replace my GTX asus engtx460 the asus engtx460 by asuus looking like the best bet at the moment, asus engtx460 too keen on the engtx60 of this heatsink though.

Its top-mounted power connectors could, on the other hand, prevent installation into some compact gaming cases. Might be a bit better at keeping the GPU itself cool but it’ll increase case temps due to the lack of a proper asus engtx460