The computer finds my adapter, but doesn’t make a connection Switch to 20MHz bandwidth” ring some bells? With these setting it’s not work properly. You have no more firmware error and you can connect to the router! Bus Device

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Local Loopback inet addr: I have at home cable modem and wlan router with nat, wpa2 security and hidden network.

I looked at the windows drivers wwnu at http: When I unplug my ethernet cable or just a-link wnu it from A-link wnu I still am connected to my wlan, but it doesnt take me to Internet.

With these setting it’s not work properly. Now click the NM icon and tell us if you see your network. I have just installed xubuntu Anyway, the driver should be updated for a-linj new kernel. I Insert the key and it gets connected but no Internet.

[ubuntu] A-LINK WNU wireless usb stick doesnt work [Archive] – Ubuntu Forums

I don’t see anything obviously a-link wnu and it actually looks pretty healthy. I have the older version of the wnu stick not the WNU-L one.


It says that I’m connected. I hope someone can help me with this?

When you click it to connect, are you asked for the a-link wnu key? LoadFWStatus 1rtStatus 0 [ 3. I’m so much online now!

A-Link WNU Free Driver Download (Official)

What could be wrong? I’m quite new to ubuntu!

With the ethernet cable detached, run and post: A-link wnu 3[ 3. But, I can’t a-lnk a working connection. After a clean boot into the console, this is a-link wnu happens: Everything worked fine with this, also a “double” Internet connection.

I had problems first with the firmware which solved by reading this thread. I believe you have an ad-hoc connection; in other words computer to computer. a-link wnu


Rerun the ping tests above if it connects. Please connect and post: Current RCR settings 0xe20e [ 3. After i did those the network manager disappeared from top so i reboot system.

Hiya, lsusb gives me the following output: I’m out of here for the moment, happily and wirelessly surfing away. Network Manager a-link wnu designed to prevent a wireless connection if you have a wired ethernet connection, which you do. You might want a-link wnu know that “dmesg grep ” sends me quite a few of these messages: Thanks it was adhoc so i changed to infrastructure and automatic dhcp from router and now a-link wnu properly connected to router and i can to internet.


Is it not working for you? Cant connect to Internet.